“We are a small, tight-knit community with a lot of positive energy, 我们一直在为我们的学生创造探索和享受的新机会.”
Bradford Carpenter, Assistant Principal for Student Life

Make yourself at home

棱镜 is not just home to a pioneering program in STEM education–it’s home to a close and caring community of students and educators.

下课后,我们踢足球、打篮球、猜图片和打乒乓球. We make music and shoot movies. We 庆祝生日(包括从家里寄来的婴儿照片)和许多节日——从感恩节到圣诞节 Chinese Spring Festival.

On weekends, we head out for a museum or a baseball game, and serve our community by tutoring school kids or volunteering at a local soup kitchen.

Most importantly, over the course of our years here, we build strong friendships that span across cultures.

Campus and Town—棱镜 is located on a beautiful 校园 just two miles from the center of 普林斯顿大学, 其中之一 nation’s most lovely and historic university towns. This location puts us within reach of many events and 本地资源,纽约市,费城和华盛顿特区.

Day and Boarding—The 85 percent of our students who take part in residential life as boarding students stay in bright, comfortable residences 工作人员ed by full-time faculty dorm parents. While our day students, of course, go home at night, they 能参加我们所有的活动,包括周末旅行吗.

Activities and 事件-学生参加各种俱乐部,包括学术碗和数字视频 俱乐部年鉴和辩论-与产品变化,以反映他们的兴趣. Weekend trips take us to a range 从“社区大学”(由普林斯顿大学主办的社区博览会)到费城人队的比赛或 sculpture garden.

Fitness and Fun- prism提供校园活动,如篮球,足球,羽毛球, 运行, 骑自行车, and Frisbee plus the chance to take part in rowing, 游泳, and weight and cardio training 附近的. We don’t have interscholastic sports, but we do provide plenty of options to unwind, 保持健康, 并有 有趣的.

Care and Support—All students (day and boarding) have access to excellent health services and can take part in our dining program. They also have the guidance and support of 教师顾问,每个人被分配到一个最多五人的小组.

Student 事件 Updating

Prom 2018 – Starry Night

On May 18, 2018 棱镜 put on its first ever prom! Inspired by both Van Gogh’s masterpiece and our student’s love for the cosmos, the theme was “Starry Night”. The Party Planning Committee assembled for the first time to plan a special evening for the student body, and worked tirelessly to transform our school into a celestial 仙境. 装饰上有很多闪烁的灯,感谢我们才华横溢的艺术学生,一个 梵高本人肯定会引以为豪的手绘照片背景. The evening featured the musical styling of DJ PiLab, aka the legendary Mr. 坎普,以及由我们非凡的厨房精心制作的三道菜晚餐 工作人员. 这是第一个晚上,因为我们的许多国际学生都没有经历过这个美国人 tradition before. 这也是一个开启我们自己独特传统的夜晚:棱镜学院的教职员工 were honored to serve dinner to our beloved students. 棱镜 students, all gussied up for the occasion, danced 这个夜晚,我们为美好的学年画上了最后的句号.

Prom 2019 – Candy Land

棱镜派对策划委员会很高兴能在今年的糖果舞会上继续他们的努力 Land-themed extravaganza on May 25! 为了这次活动,我们委员会的规模几乎扩大了一倍,而且很辛苦 这是一个棱镜家族不会很快忘记的夜晚. This year, planning the prom has been a team effort like never before. 在我们杰出艺术家的协助下,完成了许多富有创意的项目 are in the works to transform our school into a confectionary, Technicolor paradise; the fabulous Cookilcious club is partnering with Chef Phil to develop a menu that will surely please; our beloved Student Government is partnering with the PPC to provide some extra special sweet treats; and, with the legendary DJ PiLab back behind turntables, we’re sure to dance until we drop! This year the PPC’s goal is to decorate sustainably. 我们的目标 减少浪费,重复利用我们所拥有的,并重新利用回收材料来创造新的装饰. Get excited to see 展示棱镜的最佳创意,并计划带一个宝丽来纪念品回家, and a whole heap of 记忆!

Choir Performance/Holiday Party

“在圣诞节的第一天,我的真爱送给我…… desperate parts of the great hall, 将传统的旋律从一组歌手传到另一组歌手. 这是一个 棱镜 Choir flash mob! 兴奋的学生们的嗡嗡声——还在为刚刚发生的装饰品交换而晕头转向 当唱诗班站在雄伟的“棱镜”圣诞树前就位时,歌声渐渐平息 sings their final “Partridge and a Pear Tree.” As a school community, we have spent the week leading up to winter break festooning our school to get into the holiday spirit, and this final ornament exchange and choir performance is the perfect send off to a joyous winter break.

今年,我们很高兴在我们的大厅里有一棵高耸的圣诞树, and gathered as a community 用五颜六色的装饰品和手工制作的爆米花花环来装饰圣诞树. We cut paper snowflakes, each one unique like its maker, 并装饰了墙壁和窗户,以代表个体存在的美 和谐. 在整个星期里,学生和教师们手工制作了装饰品,送给了一名学生 棱镜 community, Secret Santa style. 到周末的时候,一排不知名的装饰品挂在了树上 awaiting the big reveal. 每天查看新增加的装饰品并猜测属于哪一件装饰品是一件令人兴奋的事 to which 棱镜er. 当不和谐的欢乐和笑声融入唱诗班悠扬的副歌时,学校 欣赏了庆祝世界各地文化的节日音乐表演. Our dear seniors even 准备了一场无伴奏演唱《全球十大赌博靠谱的平台》,由我们的伊森·李安排! What a way to 庆祝我们的棱镜家庭之前,花一些急需的时间在我们的家离开校园.

Harry Potter Spirit Week + Yule Ball

整整一个星期,棱镜的校园变成了传说中的霍格沃茨城堡. This February the PPC 与学生会合作举办首届哈利波特精神周及冬季舞会. 突然 Intramural teams became Hogwarts Houses, 我们的一位老师就在我们眼前变成了一只猫 least she really wanted to). We kicked off the week with a sorting ceremony at lunch. Each of our esteemed 老师们戴上了传说中的霍格沃茨分院帽,想看看学生们认为自己属于哪里 Gryffindor with the “brave at heart,” in Ravenclaw with the “ready minds”, in Hufflepuff with the “just and loyal,” or in Slytherine with the “cunning folk”. That afternoon the students gathered during activities period 对于一个令人兴奋的游戏捕获龙蛋(想想捕获的旗帜,但与龙!). 50 points to our victors, Hufflepuff and Slytherine! 周二,学生们发现自己正在建造霍格沃茨的复制品 Castle out of candy. 他们的作品令人印象深刻,并由一个受人尊敬的小组打分 celebrity judges (Mr. 坎普,先生. Nalbani, and Mr. Li) based on artistry, structural integrity, and general Harry Potter-ness. Wednesday afternoon saw an epic game of Wizard’s Chess. Our resident chess masters, Rishi and Cici 帮助我们创造出真人大小的棋盘来容纳人类棋子. 50 points to Gryffindor and Hufflepuff! 星期四,学生们来到霍格沃茨神秘的场地上,进行了一场盛大的寻宝游戏 search of the Sorcerer’s Stone. 50 points to Slytherine and Gryffindor! Finally, on Friday afternoon, our 天才孩子们在一场激烈的哈利波特危险游戏中测试了他们对哈利波特的了解,斯莱特林赢了 home another victory! The week culminated in 棱镜 first Winter Ball on Saturday night. The PPC worked late 通宵达旦,在大活动前一整天精心制作装饰品,把我们的学校变成了魔法 wonder that is Hogwarts dressed for the Yule Ball. Imagine floating candles on the ceiling, twinkling lights, and cascading snow displays. 更不用说还有自己制作魔杖的地方,还有很多哈利波特主题的东西 游戏. 为了给学校加分,学生们甚至穿上了学校颜色的衣服! 这是 这一周肯定是庆祝社区、独创性和创造力的魔力!